Fall in love with lush and relaxing sounds


Looking for music that makes you drift away, smiling and forgetting about time and space? This is the music of Aiemo.
All the way from deep soundscapes to balearic vocal chillout, the music from Aiemo has one goal in mind; To make you relax and think.
Let the music touch your heart and soul, get inspired and let yourself wander off with your imagination as you think about relaxing surroundings, warm sand beneath your feet and the caress of the sunshine on your skind. Include the sweet kisses from your most beloved and treasured partner into your imaginary cocktail and drift away into your own fantasy and comfort-zone.  In short; Fall in love with lush and relaxing soundscapes.

What more to expect?  As you will discover Aiemo is based on creating music that reflects relaxing and luxurious surroundings. Whether it be all the way from high class, fashion lounge music to deep, slow soundscapes that is useful for meditation. On this website you will be able to find music videos, facebook fan page and links directly to Itunes where you can purchase the unique music from Aiemo. The contact information is found  at the bottom of this page and on the "About me" page.
Music for the wealthy-at-heart.



If you want to get in touch regarding Aiemo music, releases, license and much more then feel free to write to the below email address:

Address: Copenhagen, Denmark
E-mail: aiemo@nicosialonghi.com